Introducing a Shiny New Newsletter

About a year and a half ago, I sent out my first newsletter with the aim of sharing my thoughts on writing, travel, and life with friends and readers. During that time, I’ve been using TinyLetter as a newsletter platform — which has served me well up until this point. However, its capabilities are rather limited and I’ve been longing for something that allows for more interactivity.

So, I’m switching to Substack. What does this mean?

For readers, this provides improved access to community, with options to easily comment or share posts.

For me, this new platform is far easier to format and edit, allowing me to add in photos, videos, and other media. It also provides an option to monetize the newsletter through subscription plans — however, for the time being I’m keeping things free for everyone.

What might change? I’m thinking of increasing the number of newsletter that I put out — instead of the monthly (or sometimes less than monthly) schedule I’m currently on. If you have thoughts on this, please let me know in a comments.

What I’ve Been Loving

K-Pop is a massive realm of pop culture that I’ve only spied from a distance, not quite sure I wanted to venture into that territory — until I stumbled across the songs of BLACKPINK and took a deep dive. I’ve poured through most of their songs and listen to my favorites on an almost daily basis. BLACKPINK taps into a present need in me right now, offering up a perfect blend of attitude, thumping hip-hop inspired pop, and videos rife with eye-candy gorgeous sets and costuming.

Thank you for reading!

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All the best,

Andrea Blythe

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